Good qPCR performance relies on thermal control, oftentimes limited by slow ramping speed and non-uniformity across 96 wells.  Utilizing our optimized heater design, constant temperature zones with excellent thermal uniformity can be achieved.  Shuttling droplets between temperature zones eliminate the need for Peltier control and greatly enhance the ramping speed.  See our customer case #1.


Chemi-Luminiscent Immuno-Assays (CLIA) facilitated by magnetic beads employs robotic liquid handling and magnetic beads manipulation.  Our Digital Micro-Fluidics solution can help save cost by reducing reagent & sample volume and multiplexing. See our customer case #2.

NGS library preparation

Tedious procedure in NGS library preparation limits its clinical application.  With small footprint and economical price, our system provides an alternative to expensive and bulky liquid handling system.

DNA Synthesis

DNA synthesis on microfluidic chip has been demonstrated with the advantage of consuming less reagents and achieving faster kinetics.  Our system serves as an excellent tool for your research.

Digital PCR & Digital Immunoassay

These two applications will be available in 2023, enabled by our pico-liter droplet array deposition technology. See Technology.